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pksensi implements the global sensitivity analysis workflow to investigate the parameter uncertainty and sensitivity in pharmacokinetic (PK) models, especially the physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) model with multivariate outputs. The package also provides some functions to check the convergence and sensitivity of model parameters.

Through pksensi, you can:

  • Run sensitivity analysis for pharmacokinetic models in R with script that were written in C or GNU MCSim.
  • Decision making. The output results and visualization tools can be used to easily determine which parameters have “non-influential” effects on the model output and can be fixed in model calibration.


You can install the package via CRAN or GitHub:

# To get pksensi from CRAN (current version 1.0.0):

# Or get the the development version from GitHub:
if (!require("devtools")) install.packages("devtools")

This package includes a function that can help you install GNU MCsim more easily through the function mcsim_install().


Hsieh NH, Reisfeld B, Bois FY, Chiu WA. Applying a global sensitivity analysis workflow to improve the computational efficiencies in physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling. Frontiers in Pharmacology 2018 Jun; 9:588.